Endodontic Surgery – Apicoectomy

In the most basic of terms, an apicoectomy is a type of surgical procedure that is applied in order to correct a failed root canal procedure. More specifically, an apicoectomy focuses on correcting a nonsurgical type root canal procedure that results in inflammation, infection or other problems near the tip or apex of the tooth root. While the procedure is considered invasive it is minimally invasive and can be highly effective in overcoming many problems associated with root canal infections or inflammation.

Apicoectomy or Endodontic surgery in Houston

ApicoectomyIn addition, this type of procedure is commonly used when an endodontic retreatment is not recommended. While an endodontic retreatment can correct a number of problems associated with a previous root canal procedure, apicoectomy is more suitable for advanced root canal complications. In some instances, a retreatment can be attempted first followed by a surgery, if the retreatment is not successful. Persistent infections and inflammation associated with a root canal treatment require some type of attention whether it is retreatment or an apicoectomy.

That said, there are some clear symptoms or conditions that could indicate an apicoectomy may be appropriate for a particular patient. For example, any condition or situation that interferes with normal healing after a standard root canal may require apicoectomy. Also when several tiny branches located along the side of the main root canal cannot effectively be cleaned and properly sealed, this type of procedure is warranted. Another case where surgery would be appropriate is when a root canal has a pronounced curve making it difficult or impossible for endodontic tools to reach the root tip. When this happens, apicoectomy is typically the best solution.

Finally, a fractured or cracked tooth root may require this type of procedure as compared to retreatment. Even an un-cleaned or improperly cleaned root canal that is blocked by some type of fractured tool or piece of equipment that cannot be removed can result in the necessity for this type of surgical procedure.

The good news for patients is that apicoectomy is a routine surgical procedure that can be done using either local anesthesia or sedation. Either way, the endodontist ensures that the patient experiences very little to no pain and that the procedure is done quickly, accurately and successfully. Apicoectomy is a smart surgical solution for many types of common root canal related problems.

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