Root Canal Therapy

Root canals have been largely misunderstood over the years, yet they play an important and vital role in overall dental health. The good news is that literally millions of patients are treated each and every year as a way to save teeth that might otherwise be lost. Root canal therapy or endodontic treatment can be used to relieve tooth pain, saving a tooth or even saving a series of teeth. Root canal treatment focuses on the soft tissue within the tooth that is called the pulp.

Root Canal Therapy in Houston TX

Houston Root Canal TherapyThe pulp within a tooth is where there is a concentration of nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. The root of the tooth primarily exists to help in growing the tooth during early stages of development. Once a tooth has fully developed, it can easily survive without the pulp or root. This is simply due to the fact that the tooth will continue to be nourished by surrounding tissue. Keeping this fact in mind, and endodontist is able to remove diseased or injured root pulp as a way to eliminate pain or preserve a tooth. This is so that it can continue to function normally for many years.

Today’s modern endodontic treatment is so reliable and routine that it has often been compared to having a common filling. In most instances this type of procedure or therapy can be completed in one or two sessions. While each patient’s case is unique and different, virtually every endodontic related treatment is an efficient outpatient procedure resulting in a highly successful outcome where virtually no pain is experienced. Best of all, patients enjoy a more natural appearance, excellent biting force, effective and efficient chewing and all while maintaining natural teeth without the need for artificial implants.

In a typical endodontic procedure the tooth is saved by simply removing inflamed or infected pulp that is deep within the tooth root. There are many reasons why the pulp within a tooth becomes infected or inflamed. This can include a faulty crown application, a cracked or chipped tooth or even repeated dental procedures on one specific tooth.

Extraordinary levels of care are always maintained to ensure the highest levels of disinfection and sanitary practices. This is all intended to reduce the chances of any potential new infection. Today, root canal therapy enjoys incredibly high levels of success for patients of all ages.

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