Traumatic Tooth Injuries

Accidents are a fact of life and unfortunately they can cause serious traumatic dental injuries. Indeed, everything from sports related accidents to automobile accidents and even simple falls in the home do result in serious dental injury. Of all the dental injuries reported today, chipped teeth are clearly the most common types of injuries. In addition, knocked out or dislodged teeth occur less frequently but are considered more severe by their very nature. Endodontic treatment varies based upon the type of injury that has been experienced. Everything from the type of injury to the location of the injury and the severity determines what endodontic care option is best for the patient.

Traumatic Tooth Injuries

Traumatic Tooth Injury in HoustonThose who experience a traumatic dental injury should know that even a minor or mild injury should be examined by a general dentistry professional or endodontics as soon as possible. In many instances, delaying or postponing seeking professional attention can result in the loss of a tooth. It is also important to note that when traumatic dental injuries occur, surrounding teeth may also suffer undetected or unnoticed injury. That is why a thorough dental examination is always recommended when any type of accident has been experienced.

Endodontics takes advantage of the latest technologies and techniques that are all specifically intended to save teeth that have experienced traumatic injury. Through the skill and expertise of an endodontist, teeth can be saved, especially when examination and treatment is sought out quickly. Enough emphasis cannot be placed on the urgency of finding endodontic care as soon as possible when an accident or injury has occurred. In short, time is always of the essence when it comes to injured teeth. It is for this very reason that endodontic care providers provide patients with remarkable flexibility in terms of accommodating emergency cases.

Endodontic treatment that is administered by an experienced endodontist can make all the difference when it comes to long-term tooth survival and overall personal self-image. While a general dentistry care provider is typically trained to some degree in endodontics, only an endodontics that receives additional specialized training can perform more detailed and demanding dental work for a wide variety of serious traumatic dental injuries. In many cases a general dentistry provider will refer patients who require endodontic treatment to a trusted name in endodontics. This is intended to ensure that patients receive the best care possible under varying situations and circumstances.

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