Emergency Endodontic Appointments

Traumatic dental related injuries can occur at any time and in almost any place. From sporting related injuries to automobile accident injuries and even simple slip and fall injuries, dental trauma or tooth trauma occurs all too frequently every day. Seeking immediate endodontic treatment is one of the best ways to deal with traumatic dental injuries. Most importantly, quick decisive action following any type of injury can greatly improve the likelihood that a tooth will be saved.

emergency endodontic appointments

There are various types of injuries that are classified as requiring emergency endodontic care. For example, a dislodged tooth or multiple dislodged teeth should be considered an emergency and as such require immediate endodontic care and attention. In some instances a tooth may be knocked loose while in other cases the tooth may be completely knocked out of its socket. As such, the tooth must be stabilized as quickly as possible. Another situation that typically calls for immediate endodontic attention is that of a chipped or fractured tooth. In many cases an endodontist will reattach a broken piece of tooth using some type of colored filling.

South Houston Endodontics Building in Pearland TXIn other cases an artificial crown may be required to replace a large portion of a tooth that has been broken loose. The result is typically a completely restored tooth that looks natural in every respect. In more severe cases a root canal may be required in combination with an artificial crown. Each situation is unique and different and that is why it is important to consult with your endodontist to know for sure. Another case that may require emergency care is that of a fractured root. This is a type of traumatic injury that produces a horizontal root fracture.

In addition, children have unique needs when it comes to endodontic care. Children routinely experience traumatic dental injuries because of their naturally high level of energy and activity. From falling at the playground to falling off a bicycle, there are many causes of childhood dental injuries. An endodontist must take into account whether or not a child’s permanent teeth or baby teeth have been affected. Each case is unique and each case requires specialized endodontic care. Talk with your South Houston Endodontics professional today to learn more.